New Farm Court is a unique development and as such would probably feature on anyone’s short-list as the “Mystery House”, as they are so different from anything else that is currently on the market that they really need to be viewed to be appreciated!

There are three key principals that were strictly adhered to during the build that make New Farm Court stand out from the crowd:



There has been no compromise on finished specification. How many modern houses have Italian Porcelain on the garage floor? Quality flows throughout every area of these properties – which can be felt, seen and appreciated at every turn. There are oak finished fire doors throughout, not only for safety but so every door has that nice solid feel to it. The kitchen and utility rooms are hand-made to the highest standard by a local manufacturer with granite worktops throughout (yes – including the utility room!) – there are even granite worktops in the utility room! Walls aren’t coloured with your traditional magnolia – the designer created schemes use complementary themes of Farrow and Ball colours that superbly match in with the granite and tile colours as well as all the oak trims. There are top branded appliances but also the less obvious quality fixtures like dimmable LED’s with interchangeable white or chrome finish. Each property comes with a modern log burner in the living room, a rarity with new builds, although not really necessary for heating purposes as these new homes rate at the top of the SAP ratings so that they are very energy efficient. They also have wet zoned UFH throughout the ground floor and comfort heating in all bathrooms. There isn’t a hint of white PVC – all the painted timber windows are safety by design with a 30 year rot guarantees that is longer than most standard PVC guarantees! There are many high quality features that crop up throughout the properties such as oak detailing, inglenook fireplaces in the cottages, bulls-eye windows and many more…

Quality is an aggregation of all the little things that actually matters!



This small exclusive community of new build properties lies in open countryside, but only just. It benefits from being in open countryside – surrounded by the peace and quiet of rural Cheshire, with large open dairy fields, clean country air, an abundance of wildlife and stunning views – but at the end of the sweeping drive, it’s entrance is still only a few tens of metres from the village boundary. That means it is within walking distance of Malpas with all of its facilities being one of the top 5 service centres in the borough. However – we think that the most stunning advantage of the situation of these properties are the outstanding views over the Cheshire countryside to the Welsh hills beyond. The gardens and main outlook from each property is south facing, which means you have inside rooms and outside entertainment space maximising on sunshine from morning to night, but it also means you can sit on the terrace at the close of the day watching as the sun drops behind the mountains in a glorious burst of orange.

Stunning location, spectacular views, beautifully constructed home – that’s what dreams are made of!




Each of the properties is bespokely designed with character in mind. There isn’t another like it as it has been designed for the site so that every property has it’s privacy and own exclusive space. Even the address is unique – each name has been carefully selected and registered with the Council and Post Office to be give a prestigious address e.g. Sparrowbank, Tilston Road, Malpas SY14 7DF. They have been designed to minimise being overlooked and to maximise the exposure to the views. They are also designed to give an lower External to Internal ratio. Most properties are compared by a £ per sq ft value, or a total floor space, but these are internal measurements and exclude areas that are not considered usable. However – just because they aren’t considered usable, doesn’t mean they are not desirable! Our internal areas are large, but on paper they might still seem lower than another new build at the same price even though our overall building is larger. Why can that be? That is because we have a lower external to internal ratio – which means we have provided the things people typically still desire in a property such as ample storage areas, galleried landings, vaulted ceilings and lots of open space.

We are all unique individuals, so why cannot our homes be?

Come and experience something different.

It is so difficult to compare a property based on an online profile without actually seeing it,  feeling it and in terms of character of a unique space, difficult to compare without actually experiencing it.

The site is approached from Tilston Road along a private road access which has agricultural gates and a truly rural appearance (rather than adopted road), just to further add to the exclusive and private nature of the site.

The backdrop to this approach is the stunning south facing view.

Plot 1 – The Saddlery

Plot 2 – Sythe Barn

Plot 3 – The Forge

Plot 4 – The Milne

Plot 5 – Sparrowbank

Plot 6 – New Farm Cottage

Plot 7 – The Nellie

Phase 1 properties are NEARING COMPLETION – BE IN BY CHRISTMAS 2018!

Reservations now being taken.

Email for further information or to book a no obligation appointment to view.

Aerial View